Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Old But Not Freakin'

Is it just me, or...

I mean, I know I am "old" and "out of touch" and all, but don't you think that if you were young:

and considered good-looking enough to be a model (though in this picture I'm not too keen on the farmer tan):

that you would do whatever you could to preserve your looks, and not have a freakin' FACE tattooed on your chest?

After all these years, I still just don't get it. But it really doesn't matter, does it, this guy is STILL a model anyway. Like those models who look like heroin addicts. I am beginning to think that on some level (have I ever said this before?), this kind of advertising is similar to those liquor ads that had carefully airbrushed into the ice cubes monsters that severe alcoholics sometimes see when they have delirium tremens, selling a product by appealing to Freud's id, the lowest level of each individual's psyche (unconscious, instinctive, and relentless in pursuit of its basest desires). It's frightening how so many things are actually an addiction. But as for me, I'll draw the line at addiction to needles, which in my view, is what we are really seeing in the picture above. Watch how on him, now that he is started, those tattoos will spread like a fungus.


Anonymous said...

Yes agreed - not a lover of tats myself. Why ruin a beautiful thing with paint?

Pitbullshark said...

Dear Anonymous, here I am leaving a response to you nine years later, but only in the past couple of months have I been writing in this blog again, so I missed getting several comments during my absence.. I wish there were some way that you would be able to read it!

I think your comment is especially brilliant because you wrote, "Why ruin a beautiful thing with paint?" Your perspective added an additional dimension because of that word "paint". I had always seen tattoos as being similar to "graffiti', as in there being a clean surface marred by something discordant. Well, tattoos are that way, too, but suddenly your words made me feel that there is something sacred and precious about SKIN, and with a tattoo, that SKIN is bring ruined by an alien and inferior substance put onto it. Humans can make paint, or tattoo ink, but humans cannot make SKIN. Skin is what is beautiful and skin is what is precious (just ask a burn victim), so this goes into a deeper level than I had even thought. I read somewhere that Jewish cemeteries do not allow tattooed bodies to be buried them. (I don't know how universally true that is.) That might indicate that they consider a tattoo to be an insult to God, and if you think about it, it really is.