Saturday, October 13, 2007

The First Premier of the United Socialist Nations of Earth

There is so much more that I could say on this particular subject, but I am "preparing to get ready" to go out to a concert tonight, so I don't have much time at all. Since I have my new Apple iMac (written about previously), I have simply kept my Internet home page on the Apple page, which is how Apple has their browser, Safari, set up. I could easily change it to something else, but I rather like the Apple page, so, so far, it stays.

However, the current page made me send them an e-mail of complaint. On just one news day, FOUR out of their five news stories were about Gore's winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Isn't that a little bit overkill? Going beyond gloating and into cramming it down their readers' throats.

I know that, unfortunately, the Bloated Drunken Frankenstein is on their Board of Directors, as he is on other boards, as well, such as Occidental Petroleum, deceased Soviet-operative Armand Hammer's company. Communist Armand Hammer (who hoped that America would lose the Cold War, and whom President Reagan couldn't stand) was a great financial supporter of Gore's political career. Gore, who owns something like half a million shares of Occidental Petroleum stock, was in support of their drilling for oil in the Colombian rainforest, destroying the habitat and displacing the native indians who have long lived there. Tennesseeans know him as a slum lord (unless I am mistaken, Gore did not even win in his own home state when he ran for President). The rest of us know him as one whose 88-acre estate generates up to twenty times the amount of carbon emissions as the average American (for whatever that may actually matter).

And before somebody says that Gore negates his carbon emissions by "buying carbon emission offsets" (whatever exactly that means), what he really does is invest in a company that he owns part of, so what he is really doing is putting money back into his own pocket and saying "My, what good boy am I!"

And yet the Scandinavians saw fit to award him the Nobel Peace Prize, although whatever seriously divisive politics (and a "science" of lies, manipulations, and fear-mongering) has to do with "peace" I am not sure. Of course, this same body also awarded Henry Kissinger the Peace Prize (and terrorist Yassar Arafat!), and I will never forget the spitting damnation of Kissinger I heard uttered one evening from Geraldine Cox, a woman who had come to a screening in Los Angeles of a documentary about her to raise donations for a large orphanage that she runs in Cambodia. This orphanage houses children who have lost their fathers who have been killed in various wars and also by trying to support their family by farming. Even today, 30 years after the Viet Nam war, Cambodian men are being killed by previously-unexploded Kissinger-ordered American bombs that still pepper their fields. The men get killed and their wives, finding no other way to support themselves, go into prostitution. They will sell their children into prostitution, too, unless this orphanage can take them. According to Geraldine Cox (who really does deserve a prize) who founded the orphanage, runs it, and in each Cambodian regime change (from one dictator to another), BEGS for its continued existence, Kissinger was one of the most evil of the 20th century warriors. I wonder what prevented the Nobel Peace Prize from having been awarded to Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Lenin, Stalin, or Hitler? Surely one or the other of them talked about "peace" at one time or another, didn't they? Or were they all up for the ECONOMICS Nobel Prize, instead, as the prize-awarding committee seems to run toward favoring some kind of socialism.

Some misguided people have thought that now that Gore has received this notoriety, he now just might be a viable candidate for president. But other Gore supporters think not, saying that now that he has been declared a prophet (oh Lord, please help us all when there are people so dumbed-down that they think like that), he's not interested in the presidency, but something "more".

I think he wants something "more" all right; what he's got HIS sights set on is being made the First Premier of the United Socialist Nations of Earth (what else do people think the whole "global warming solution" protocols are all about?). Whether in his dreams it will actually be an industrial global nation, or more savage/stone age, I am not quite sure. Maybe it would be sort of like the world shown in the movie, Soylent Green, except still somewhat environmentally intact, with certain elites living in splendor in walled enclaves with privileged slaves working for them (envying their masters for such things as air conditioning, hot water, and strawberry jam), all the rest living beyond the enclave walls in vicious squalor and periodically being harvested for food.

I hope to be successful in seeding the "blogosphere" with this concept of Gore wanting to become the First Premier of the United Socialist Nations of Earth. I think in one phrase, it makes a perfect argument. If you hear it from somebody else, please remember who said it first!

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